7 Rules Every Entrepreneur Needs to Learn

Articles / Wednesday, March 21st, 2018

1. Have an Idea/Vision of what you want to achieve/create.

Think Big/Break Norms/Forget Rules. Make sure it can truly help someone or improve something significantly.


2. Pitch Your Idea/Vision

Take your idea & pitch it to your potential customer to see if they love it, would use it, & can’t live without it.  But… if none of these happen, rethink/pivot your idea/vision.


3. Surround yourself with items needed to succeed:

a) read books- the fastest way to get expert knowledge from pros around the world. Read 1 chapter a day or listen to audio books while driving or at the gym.

b) watch content about your product/service

c) listen to podcasts of pros in your space/industry

d) find mentors experienced in your space to give you advice and guidance

e) read max 1-2 blogs so that you are aware of whats happening in your space. Don’t spend hours here, max 30 minutes.


4. Create good habits.

Stop wasting time on TV/Netflix, social media, partying, and visiting useless events.

While your competition is doing all of the above, you do the below to get ahead of them while they sleep.

Good habits you should learn:

  • organize your work for the day and the week. Use a simple task organize like Google Tasks
  • work somewhere that lets you focus
  • eat good foods, & workout 2 times a week. If you are overweight and tired all day, you cant work
  • learn to sleep at least 6 hours. Let your brain rest


5. Understand that FAILURE is NORMAL.

Every startup, every entrepreneur, every athlete, every CEO has failed, failed, failed and then WON.

If someone tells you to give up, you need to stop your relationship with that person.  Don’t spend time with NEGATIVE people. You need to find fellow entrepreneurs/champions/advisers who will pump you with energy and motivation.


6. Understand your JOURNEY is NOT EASY.

You’ll work double the hours of a normal person,
you’ll read more,
you’ll think more,
you’ll be less social,
you’ll have to be more organized,
you’ll need more willpower,
you’ll need to organize your time much better,
you’ll sleep less
you won’t be as “cool”
you’ll feel that you are not normal like your friends…
but it’s OKAY.

You are making something and that requires you deal with life/things that are HARD and NOT what everyone else experiences.


7. Lastly, give back.

If asked and when the opportunity presents, give back.  Help someone with a few minutes of advice, tips, connections, etc.  Afterall, you needed that to become successful, now it’s your turn to give back.


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