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Resources / Friday, March 16th, 2018

Running a startup doesn’t have to be expensive.

Here is a ton of free, trial or low-cost products and services that any startup can use.



Free image, logo creators, and more

Royalty Free Sound Clips:

Free sound clips for your video and content creation

  • Bensound (royalty free sound clips)
  • SoundCloud (collection of free music- free and paid)
  • Freeplay (collection of free music clips- free and paid)


Writing Tools:

Tools to help you write better

  • Grammarly (helps you fix your grammar- free and paid)
  • Hemingway (helps your write better)



Find out whats hot on the web


Content Tools:

If you write content, you’ll find these tools useful


Content Creation Tools:

Places to create content to lift your online presence and SEO

  • Medium (write your content here- free)
  • Que Text (check for plagiarism)

Lead Generation, Forms, and Email Marketing:

Tools to collect leads, send emails and more

  • Hello Bar (collect subscribers- free and paid)
  • OptinMonster (collect subscribers- free and paid)
  • Google Forms (create simple forms and collect data- free)
  • Jot Form (create forms- free and paid)
  • Typeform (create forms- free and paid)
  • Zoho forms (create forms- free and paid)
  • Wufoo (create forms- free and paid)
  • Sumo (create forms, collect leads and more- free and paid)
  • BigEngage (collect leads, CRM, send emails- free and paid)
  • MailChimp (collect leads, send emails- free and paid)
  • Mail Kitchen (send newsletters and more – free and paid)
  • Bull Sender (send newsletters and more- free and paid)
  • Send Machine (send newsletters and more- free and paid)
  • Sendy (software to send emails via Amazon SES- paid, but cheap)
  • Really Good Emails (see the latest email design examples- free)


Web Traffic & Analysis Tools:

Tools to help track your and competitor’s traffic


Must Read Blogs For Marketers:

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