The Real Life of an Entrepreneur

My Talks / Friday, March 16th, 2018

“Life of a startup founder is complicated, to say the least”. You may have heard this or read about this, but unless you experience this, the earlier comment is just a statement.

When I graduated from SJSU years ago 🙂 my first work experience was joining my friend’s startup.  Oh Boy! was it a fast slap in my face. I didn’t expect the 15+ hour days, lack of social life, the insane focus required and all the weight I’d put on eating junk haha.

As a mentor at SJSU, my job is to prepare entrepreneurial students for whats ahead for them.  The below video is a talk at their 2017 event. It’s my high-level primer to what to expect. Hopefully, they are better prepared than I was 🙂

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